How would Wasps fair in the celebrity jungle?

Some of the boys at the club have been engrossed in “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” this year.

Of all of the ‘reality shows’ on TV, I think that is the only one I wouldn’t mind having a go at.

It would certainly be quite a challenge and I think I would enjoy it.

I have been part of a rugby team environment for years so I am used to mixing with people with different needs and personalities. I also don't mind getting wet if it rains.

It wouldn't be the pain that would get to Wasps winger Tom Varndell, lack of food and sleep might.

I would have a pop at most things that came my way and would not be averse to eating whatever they put in front of me in the famous “Bushtucker Trial”.

At the end of the day, whether it’s some sort of bulbous insect or sheep’s eye, it’s still food isn’t it?

And I like my food.

In fact, that are only a couple of things that would get me down.

If the people doing the Bushtucker Trial failed and earned the camp very little food, I would get grumpy. I need my food.

I think a lack of sleep may just send me over the edge too and make me grumpy and miserable.

Talking of which, I couldn’t do it if lock forward Marco Wentzel was in there with me.

I love Marco but he is so grumpy that he would drive me insane.

I couldn’t stand prop Lewis Thiede being there either.

His personal hygiene is poor and that would effect everyone.

James Haskell would probably get on my nerves with all of
his constant banter and if I was sleeping anywhere near Christian Wade, I would have to move because he snores like a trooper.

I often room with Christian when we are away and so I speak from experience. It’s usually the big props that snore but, I can assure you, Christian makes a right racket.

As for any set challenges that come my way, the only thing I would have to draw the line at is being in a room full of rats, like the contestants sometimes have to do.

When I first moved to London, we had rats under the floorboards.

You couldn’t see them but I could hear them scurrying and scratching about under the floor.

It was disgusting and I have hated them ever since.

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