Bath Rugby

Bath Rugby


New and uncovered temporary stands allow home fans and visitors alike to get soaked and windswept for their money. Those in the hospitality boxes behind one goal get peppered with goal kicks.


The most beautiful setting in the country. On a nice day (admittedly a rarity in these parts), there is no better place to be in the country with gorgeous views of this old city.


Plenty of usual rugby ground fayre on offer with chips and burgers galore and, surprisingly for these parts, at reasonable prices. But the pick of the bunch is the mobile van near the temporary stand which serves the best organic lamb burgers on the circuit...and perhaps the only ones.

Getting there:

Bloody Romans. This is a great old city but those that built it made no plans for tens of thousands of cars to descend into it on match day. Huge queues from the A46 up to three hours before kick-off on limited parking in the city when you finally get there. Give yourself plenty of time and have a good night’s sleep the night before. You will need a lot of patience.

Archetypal local:

Hackett-clad, wax-jacket-wearing middle-aged and very middle class. Good mix of men and women. Big drinkers. A little bit one-eyed.


Excellent. If only their players could give the fans a sniff of a title, it would be even better too. Stands are close to the pitch and that creates a real pressure-cooker when fans are in full voice.

Local expectations:

Gary Gold has brought a harder, more pragmatic edge to the side this season with little rugby being played in their own half. They are also starting to assemble a pack to compete with the big boys of the Premiership up front. They are not there yet but they might be soon.


Good. This is a strong rugby area and the locals know their stuff. Passionate but friendly.


“Barrrth, Barrrth, Barrrth,” is pretty standard fayre.

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