London Welsh

London Welsh


Excellent. The Kassam Stadium is a 16,000 all-seater modern ground with good cover and good seating. Plenty of space all round.

In an industrialised area near Oxford. Ground situated right next to a leisure complex so you can drop the kids off for soft play while you watch the match - If you are that way inclined! You could also eat food, watch a film or, heaven forbid, exercise at the nearby leisure club, should you so wish.

Kassam stadium stands
Food and Drink:

Standard - but one of the few places in the home counties where Welsh beer Brains is the chosen tipple.

Getting there:

Potentially horrific. Vast parking area in and around the ground is handy before kick-off if you get there early. If you don't, you are left waiting on the road in with thousands of other punters who have left it too late. On the club's debut in the Premiership and with a crowd of almost 7,000, there were reports of some Leicester Tigers fans just turning around and going home while faced with gridlock down the final stretch. Club officials have vowed to improve the situation but the best advice is to get there early.
Archetypal local:

The diehards are staunchly supportive club fans who have maintained their sheer love for the club and travelled the 55.9 miles from Old Deer Park near Hounslow - the club's ground for decades - up to Oxford to keep supporting while it lives out an unlikely Premiership dream. There's also the rugby-supporting Oxford-based locals who have decided to go and watch top-flight rugby on their own doorstep, even though the side they are supporting are a bunch of largely Welsh blokes with London in their name. Long may they live with one of sport's most bizarre identity crises.


Welsh Voice Choirs are something that you don't see at every ground and the club has been incredibly welcoming to those coming to visit. The Exiles' unexpected success in the early rounds of the competition has helped attract crowds and that is important because it could be a soulless place with nobody there.

Local Expectations:

In the 2012/13 season Welsh had won three matches by week 8. That didn't prove good enough then but would have been enough to see them stay up last season. Welsh did well in coming straght back up to the top flight. To stay up they need to be trying to repeat that sort of performance and be picking up some more points along the way.


Returning to the league after only one season down in the Championship but will know the task of staying up is a challenge so every win will be celebrated like a cup final win.


I don't think "Bread of Heaven" has ever been referred to as a "chant" but you know what I mean.


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Kassam Stadium
Grenoble Road

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