Stands: With one side of their Vicarage Road ground out of action and reserved only for TV gantrys and the press, there are two ‘behind-goal’ areas and a main stand.

Setting: Watford. In amongst a housing estate like so many football clubs were before the out-of-town revolution.

Food and Drink: Standard fayre inside and out. Good chippy on the walk down to the ground.

Getting there: Straightforward and little trouble in off the M1. Well signposted but tough to find parking close to the ground at times. Plan in advance.

Archetypal local: A mixture of die-hard, fiercely proud, merchandise-wearing fan who has been with the club come hell or high water over the years, or the type of person the club are trying to attract to increase their profile and fan base. As with most clubs keen to increase their fan base, Saracens have encouraged plenty of youngsters and schools down to the ground.


Loud and passionate on the good days with noisy support from all three stands. Sparse on the bad days. Saracens have addressed this issue and will move in to their brand-new purpose-built Allianz Park in Barnet in February to play on an artificial pitch. In the mean time, if you not a fan of loud drums, loud music over the PA or loud stadium announcers, take some ear plugs.

Local Expectations:

Very high after winning the Aviva Premiership for the first time in their history in 2011 and reaching the semi-finals last year – and rightly so. Sarries have built a squad which has tremendous depth and skill-base. They also have a fiercely tight team unit which have already proved they are prepared to go the extra mile for their team mates.


There’s plenty of it there if you go looking for it as an away fan as the die-hard Fez-Heads are as passionate about their club as anyone in the Premiership. The club’s “Stand Up For Saracens” song has rustled plenty of feathers in its time and this season's vocal offering "Here We Go", including the line "...Saracens are gonna be the champions" is just as popular!


Not so much a chant as a hand gesture as the Fez-clad supporters wiggle their hands up in front of their face before a big moment like a goal-kick or TMO decision. “Stand Up For Saracens” sung loudly too.

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